Atlantic Marine Day/Sun Cruiser

  • You can leave everyday life far behind in these boats. All our models meet the expectations of those looking for a family boat, safe and comfortable, but also satisfy those looking for active sports.
  • Cabin boats offer maximum versatility in all weathers. Sun lovers can enjoy the spacious sun terrace. Thanks to the comfortable cabin, long family getaways with overnight stays at sea become carefree relaxation without the need to moor and search for accommodation.
  • All models are perfectly shaped, the strong V-bottom gives full control of the boat, ensures excellent performance and also affects the economy of fuel consumption.

Atlantic Marine Open

  • Water sports, excursions along the coast, sea sprints and maybe fishing? Our Open boats allow you to indulge and satisfy all your passions. They have all the advantages of an open boat: a large cockpit that does not restrict movement and a large bow sundeck. The sun deck is very easy to change on a comfortable seat with a table that the crew can gather around for meals and rest.
  • The strong point that sets these boats apart is the proven, reliable V-bottom that cuts through the water smoothly. The high sides of the boats also promote safety, especially if there are children in the crew.

Atlantic Marine Adventure

  • This line was designed primarily for fishing enthusiasts, but other marine enthusiasts will find great joy in spending time on these boats. The spacious cockpit allows you to move comfortably while fishing, and the cabin protects against rain and wind. A tall cabin built with panoramic windows and comfortable mattresses gives at least two people the opportunity to rest. The stable wide body ensures the safety of the entire crew in complete comfort. In addition to the Adventure 660 and Adventure 780 models, the Adventure 900 model was designed as the flagship of our company.
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